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Ambergris Caye has the largest number of visitor facilities in Belize with lodging and restaurants to fit most any budget ...


Only half a mile from the Barrier Reef, with its dazzling variety of underwater life, 25 mile long Ambergris Caye (pronounced "key") is a premier destination for scuba divers and snorkelers and the main destination for most first-time visitors to Belize.

Map of BelizeSan Pedro serves as the hub for visitor activity on Ambergris Caye and is the major settlement on the island. About a mile long and only a few blocks wide, this picture postcard, former fishing village transforms the past with an array of colorfully painted wooden structures, which have been converted into hotels, shops and plenty of good places to eat and drink. The vehicles of choice (after feet and bikes) are golf carts, which are readily available.

secluded beachNorth Ambergris Caye, with its mostly higher-end resorts, has a more tranquil feel and has more secluded beaches. For easy access to San Pedro restaurants and shops, water taxis make regular runs between the North Ambergris Caye resorts and San Pedro Town - Ambergris Caye is situated 35 miles northeast of Belize City; a short 15-minute flight or scenic 75 minute water-taxi-ride from the mainland.

Things To Do from Ambergris Caye

reefWith the protection of the reef the entire length of Belize, the waters are a sanctuary for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're an expert, or there's an activity you've always wanted to try but haven't, Ambergris Caye has the outfitters and instructors to get you set up. Choose from a myriad of activities, any one of which will make for great story-telling when you get back home ...


SCUBA Diving

SCUBA DivingDive into another world: Ambergris Caye's most notable claim to fame comes as a dive destination. Most visitors to Ambergris Caye visit because of the superior diving and snorkeling sites found close by. From Ambergris Caye local dive sites are reached in a matter of minutes. Additionally, protected waters inside the reef make getting to dive sites easy and comfortable ... more


SnorkelingSwim with the Sharks: Nurse sharks and sting rays cruise through crystal clear waters enjoying their protected status at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Much of the area inside the reef is less than 20 feet deep and you can see almost as much with a mask and snorkel from the surface as you can diving. In just 6-10 feet of water you'll find a rich diversity of marine life. The reef provides protection which makes for extremely clear, calm water, which makes it ideal for snorkeling, even if you have never snorkeled before ... more

Water Sports

FishingFishing - Ambergris Caye is a renowned fishing destination and fishing is still a way of life on San Pedro. Charters are available for full or half-days. Boats range in size from small skiffs to larger, well-equipped "war-wagons". Whether you just want to have a little fun or you are an avid fly or sports fisherman, experienced guides will amaze you with their knowledge of the right baits and lures, when, how, and where to cast, and most importantly tips on how to make sure the big one doesn't get away.

SailingSea Kayaks, Catamarans, and other boat rentals are available through most hotels and dive centers. Sailing trips with snorkeling usually lasts the entire day and encompasses a tour around Ambergris Caye to popular snorkeling spots, such as Shark Ray Alley and Mexico Rocks, as well as other nearby cayes, including Caye Caulker.

kite boardingWind surfing and kite boarding - The constant trade winds and wide expanse of calm waters inside the barrier reef make Ambergris Caye an ideal playground for these kinds of water sports. Whether you're an expert or just learning, it's a great way to be one with the wind.

ParasailingPara-sailing - Fly the friendly skies: Floating serenely above the reef and beaches offers a bird's-eye-view of the Caye and requires nothing more athletic than desiring to sour above the waves. You will want to bring your camera along.

SNUBASNUBA and Hookah Diving - If you're looking for an underwater experience and you're not a certified diver, then SNUBA is a good choice. SNUBA diving is a safe and easy way to experience scuba diving with the simplicity of snorkeling. You can SNUBA down to 20 feet with no prior experience; or try Hookah Diving, right off the dock for your first diving experience.

Taking it Slow

If you would like to reserve some time for taking it easy ... may we recommend:

Glass Bottom BoatGlass Bottom Boat Tours - On this sightseeing and snorkeling tour, enjoy viewing beautiful corals, such as elkhorn coral, sheet coral, grooved brain coral, finger corals and many more through a 20inch wide 16 foot long viewing glass. See colorful purple, yellow and red sponges. Swimming and hiding amongst these corals are a colorful array of playful and curious fishes and other sea animals such as flounders, starfish, crabs, nurse sharks, stingrays, octopus, yellow tail snappers, blue stripe grunts, parrot fish and more.

Sunset CruiseSunset Cruises - Experience a radiant Caribbean sunset from the deck of a sailboat, whilst sipping on rum punch. Everyone from honeymooners to retirees will enjoy this evening activity.  Set sail towards Hol Chan Marine Reserve, where you can sit back, relax and watch as the sun sets on the Caribbean. 

manatee watchManatee Watch - There are few places in the world where you can still see the gentle manatee. The wonder of watching these huge animals in their natural habitat is a sight you won't soon forget. Full day trips include lunch, snorkeling, and of course, a chance to watch the Manatees.

people perchBirding - For the true bird lover there are dozens of species of birds in and around San Pedro. Bird sanctuaries on the island provide ample viewing opportunities of some rare birds such as the Spoonbill and Pink Ibis. The Lalas Bird Sanctuary offers a unique "people perch" for birdwatching. The perch is a large multi-leveled tower with many vantage points to view birds. The sanctuary is located just a few minutes to the south of San Pedro Town.

Golf Carts are the most popular mode of transportation on San Pedro and makes for a great opportunity to see more of San Pedro town and for easier shopping. With golf carts you can take in the more northern part of the island.

Inland Excursions

Visitors can use Ambergris Caye as a home base to visit popular inland attractions ...

Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve is located at the northern tip of Ambergris Caye. There's an eighteen kilometer nature trail that provides visitors with the opportunity to get up close to the flora and fauna of the reserve. At least 187 species of bird, forty mammal (including all five of Belize’s cats), fifty-eight reptiles, and twenty-two amphibian species inhabit the area.

Bacalar Chico Marine and Wildlife Reserve - Rocky PointBoat trips to Bacalar Chico usually make several snorkel stops along the way. including Rocky Point, where land meets reef. The coral is extra colorful around here, as there is significantly less damage from boats and visitors. Besides the bountiful fish and bird-life you will most certainly see, you have the chance of getting up close to crocodiles and manatees, as well as green and loggerhead turtles.

LamanaiLamanai - Travel to the mainland by boat then overland to near Orange Walk Town, then North 26 miles by boat up the New River lagoon to the ancient Maya city of Lamanai. Along the way see crocodiles floating near the river's edge, turtles, camouflaged bats and the "Jesus Christ Bird" walk on water. ... more

Cave Tubing at Caves BranchCave Tubing at Caves Branch - Enter an exciting realm where rivers disappear into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only your head lamp to lead the way. Glide past entrances from above, filtering mists of jungle light, as you float through this popular underground river cave system ... more

Altun HaAltun Ha & Baboon Wildlife Sanctuary - Travel up the North River through mangrove channels for 30 to 40 minutes before arriving at the small village of Bomba before traveling overland to Altun Ha, a Maya archaeological site ..... Next travel up the Belize River to the Baboon Sanctuary and view Black Howler Monkeys up close and personal.

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