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The Sanctuary is a protected subtropical rain forest surrounded by the Maya Mountains. Its name comes from the cockscomb profile of these nearby Mountains ...

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve

The Preserve is the world’s first sanctuary created specifically for the elusive jaguar.
The Cockscomb Basin is also home to one of Belize's highest points, Victoria Peak and a number of rare species, like the red eye tree frog.

flora and fauna"Dry Season" runs from February thru May. During the wet season, June thru January, most of the annual 100 to 180 inches of rain occurs. Inside the Preserve, well-maintained trails have been cut to give visitors a taste of the area's biodiversity, offering impressive views and an ideal environment for plant spotting, serious birding or seeking out wildlife, jungle flora and fauna in a wilderness state.

jaguarAlthough the jaguar is what the Reserve is famous for, you will unlikely see one because they are nocturnal. You will, however, see lush tropical forest, a number of the 300 species of birds and indications of the 55 different mammals that inhabit the sanctuary. The forest itself is made up of a wide range of plant species. These include some very large trees, such as Ceiba, Mahogany, and Santa Maria. A large number of orchids and bromeliads can also be found here.

jaguarA tour of the Reserve begins with a nature hike looking for wildlife, discovering medicinal plants and learning about the Park’s history & efforts to save jaguar. Afterwards guests can enjoy a refreshing tube-float down river and hike to a waterfall for an invigorating swim in its cool mountain waters. The trail network continues to expand and includes a three-day hike to the second highest point in Belize, 3,543-foot Victoria Peak.

Entrance Fee - US$ 5 per person

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