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Nim Li Punit ~ Maya Archeological Site ....

Nim Li Punit, a small Mayan archeological site discovered in 1976 and known for it's stelae.

Nim Li Punit is from the Late Classic Period. The site features the tallest remaining carved stelae found to date in Belize. (Second-tallest in the Mayan world).  Carvings on the tallest stelae, shows a person wearing a very large headdress. The Maya name for the site, Nim Li Punit, translate to mean "Big Hat". 

Burning Copal

Thatch Covers

Mayan Ball Court

This site is partially cleared
with work still in progress. Excavations so far have revealed twenty five stelae. Stelae are stone slabs set within ceremonial centers depicting aspects of a rulers life.

Nim Li Punit is a great place for birding either early am or towards dusk. Groups of a dozen or more keel-billed toucans have been spotted.

After visiting this site (traveling from Placencia), some tours travel to Blue Creek Cave for a hiking and caving adventure experience. Another option is to visit Lubaantun, where the famous crystal skull was found.

Blue Creek Cave

The Maya name is "Hokeb Ha"
or "Where the water enters the earth". This very large cave begins near the village of Santa Cruz, where the river rushes under ground, resurfacing five mile later near the village of Blue Creek. The cave is classified as a wet cave with dry routes.

Headlights in place, life jackets on, you will hike/swim to a waterfall inside the cave. You have entered the mysterious underworld of the Maya.
Enjoy the cave's colossal beauty as you float out the cave.

Lubaantun ~ Maya Archeological Site

The largest archaeological site in the south and one of the last major settlements built in Belize, prior to the collapse of the Maya. This short lived Late Classic site,
first reported in the 1800's and formally investigated in 1903, was built and occupied from 730 AD to 890 AD.

Structures were constructed of cut stone, fit without the use of mortar. These "pyramids" served as platforms for the more detailed perishable buildings on top. The largest rises 36 feet above the plaza floor. There are eleven major structures grouped around five main plazas and three ball courts. A controversial Crystal Skull was found here in 1926.

Carved Whistle 
next to cut Stone

A carved whistle fashioned after a Maya women grinding corn with child. This once common "Maya whistle toy" was crafted by the site caretaker from photos of artifacts taken at the site.  



Day tours originating from both Placencia and the Toledo District allow time for visitors to choose between visiting 2 of the 3 above attractions.

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