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The calming emerald waters of Corozal Bay and the warmth of the people have lured retirees from North America and Europe into making Corozal District their home ...


sugar caneNorthern Belize is not normally considered a priority destination for most visitors to Belize because much of the land is made up of flat coastal plains and savannah. The main activity is farming and for miles the landscape is dominated with cattle ranges and sugarcane. The principle towns are Corozal, situated 10 miles north of the Mexican border and Orange Walk, located 52 miles north of Belize City. Both towns have a distinctly Latin feel, and Spanish is the native tongue for many, though most everyone speaks Creole.

Things To Do

With colonial towns steeped in history, picturesque fishing villages, ancient Mayan sites, easy going Northern Belize makes for a good place to get off the beaten track.

Corozal Town

Clock TowerIn Corozal everything is close to the sea, including several seaside parks, the market and Corozal's history museum. One of the hallmarks of Corozal Town is the Clock Tower, located in Central Park. Government buildings, banks, library, police station, and two churches surround the park. The park is also a favorite meeting and gathering place for the towns people. There are shady spots and benches for resting.

Santa RitaSanta Rita - Much of the present day Corozal is built over this ancient Maya trading city. What remains can be seen by walking a few minutes from the town's center. Its also the highest spot in Corozal. Of the many original buildings of Santa Rita, only one still remains. Two of the 4 rooms, which were once used as living quarters, remain intact and are open to visitors.

Cerros - This Mayan site was an important trading center during its heyday from 400 B.C. to 100 A.D. For a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea take a short boat ride of approximately fifteen minutes from Corozal Town. Trails winding through the archaeological site offer birding opportunities.

4 Mile Lagoon - A popular swimming spot for locals. Take a dip, picnic, go canoeing or simply find a tree to relax under. This area, located between Corazol and the border, is also a popular RV destination.

Lamanai - Maya Ruin

Lamanai - Maya RuinLamanai is Belize’s longest occupied Mayan site where signs of occupation span from 1500 BC to AD 1700, when the Spanish missionaries arrived. The Lamanai temple complex sits atop a bluff overlooking the the New River Lagoon and is surrounded by pristine rain forest teeming with howler monkeys. The best way to approach the ruins is by boat, a 90 minute trip from Orange Walk Town. The journey passes through some of the most beautiful jungle in northern Belize, with great opportunities for wildlife spotting ... more

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

Jabiru StorkHome to the Jabiru Stork, largest bird in the Western Hemisphere, Crooked Tree is a small village located about 17 miles south of Orange Walk Town and lies within a wildlife sanctuary consisting of tropical forest and a vast wetland of lagoons and interconnecting waterways. Crooked Tree Lagoon Water-birds are the main attraction for visitors and where literally thousands of birds congregate within the sanctuary during the dry season, taking advantage of shallow water and easy food resources.

The best time to see them is between February and May. Most migratory birds arrive in November, and leave before the rainy season starts in July. Black Howler Monkeys, Morelet Crocodiles, Green Iguanas and freshwater turtles can also be found within the sanctuary ... more

Sarteneja & Shipstern Nature Reserve

Sarteneja The fishing village of Sarteneja lies along the Northern coast and many of the villagers are descendants of Mayans and Mestizo's from the Yucatan Peninsula. These natives of Sartenejans still sail on handcrafted wooden vessels called "lighters" that sometimes sail as far south as Guatemala and Honduras. The lobster divers of Sarteneja, search for lobster between June and February. For many in Sarteneja, life is never far from the sea.

Shipstern Nature Reserve lies just 3 miles up the road from Sarteneja. Jutting into the Chetumal Bay, the reserve covers 22,000 acres of unspoiled, waterlogged jungle, savannah, and mangrove swamp and protects Belize's largest and most pristine tract of northern hardwood forest and mangrove shoreline.

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