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Work your way slowly down the Macal. Stop for a refreshing swim along the way and just take your time basking in the beauty of a pristine jungle river ...


Tubing from duPlooy's

Tubing to duPlooy'sJust walk down the entrance road for about 5 minutes until you reach the "Tube Palapa", grab an inner tube and take a short walk down to the Macal River where you put in. Towering cliffs, massive stands of bamboo, cormorants, kingfishers and turtles are some of the interesting sites you will see on this 20-30 minute float to our beach. Its a great way to relax after returning from your day's activity or anytime.

River Canoeing & Tubing Options / Cayo District

Macal RiverCanoeing is a great ways to experience Cayo ... From duPlooy’s beach paddle your way upstream and drift back down or choose to make your way downstream, on your own, to San Ignacio Town. or if you prefer, bring along one of our knowledgeable river guides.

San Ignacio Town by Canoe Options

San Ignacio Town by CanoeDepending on the season (dry or rainy) and your canoeing skills, the downstream paddle will take you about 1 ½ - 3 hours to reach town. You can combine a paddle to San Ignacio with a visit to nearby Cahal Pech, an archaeological site that overlooks the area or Xunantunich. You can also wait until your last day in the Cayo District and you are on your way out to the Cayes or the airport (time permitting) to visit 1 of these popular archaeological attractions.

San Ignacio Town by CanoeThe lower Macal is relatively slow moving (except after heavy rains) and there are only a few very light rapids, so even those without canoe experience can relax and enjoy this downstream float to town.

Horseback Riding to Flour Camp Cave / Canoe or Tube back to duPlooy's

Tubing to duPlooy'sMount up at duPlooy’s for a scenic ride through field and forest to the lush farm lands and citrus groves of Negro Man Farm (1 ½ hrs); where your river guide will be waiting for you with canoes or tubes. Dismount and step right in and enjoy your float back downstream to duPlooy’s. For the more adventurous there is the option a 45 minute hike up to Flour Camp Cave.

We can get you and your guide to Flour Camp by road, on Horseback or on foot. When you arrive, explore the cave for awhile and afterwards relax and enjoy a riverside picnic lunch, before setting off to duPlooy's by canoe or tube (2-3 hours).

Flour Camp CaveThis cave is a duPlooy favorite because of its remoteness while at the same time being close enough to the lodge to make it easily accessible. Also few places offer tours to Flour Camp Cave and as a result its a peaceful spot. Inside the cave you will likely find small pieces of broken Mayan pottery, called shards and impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations. On your way back to duPlooy's there are numerous spots along the way to stop for a refreshing swim. No worries - Your riding guide will return the horses back home for you.

Upper MacalThe upper Macal River is quite rocky and a little more challenging than the drift to San Ignacio Town (lower Macal) so we include an experienced river guide, whose keen eye will help you spot things you might otherwise miss.  It’s a lot of fun on this picturesque section of river, plus you can combine canoeing or tubing with horseback riding and a cave all in a day’s adventure.

Natural History Center & Butterfly Farm by Canoe or Tube

Natural History CentreA fun and informative half-day canoe or float trip. Both activities are located about 20 minutes downstream by canoe or inner tube from duPlooy's. The Natural History Centre provides a comprehensive introduction to the history and geography of Belize with visual displays of archaeological artifacts, butterflies, moths, insects and amphibians.

Blue MorphoMarvel at the iridescent wings of the Blue Morpho butterfly, as you learn about and observe each stage of their life-cycle. Paddle back up when you're ready or call for a ride back.

Entrance Fee - US$ 10 per person

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