Flights to Belize

Flights to Belize from gateway cities in the US make Belize easily accessible with non-stop flights of just under 2 hours from Miami, Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth. Belize is also served from Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC, as well as Toronto, Canada.

Philip Goldson International Airport is located 10 miles Northwest of Belize City, just outside Ladyville. From there, frequent flight connections to destinations within Belize are readily available.

Some visitors prefer to fly into Cancun first before continuing on to Belize, as savings on air-fare can be significant, particularly if your flight does not originate in the US. Belize’s Tropic Air has daily flight to and from Cancun. Bus Option - ADO Bus Line has 4 times weekly first-class, direct bus service between Cancun and Belize City.

Domestic FlightduPlooy Travel packages between Cayo District and other Belize destinations include an air-travel option at an additional cost of $50 per person each way, as a time saving option (20 minutes by air vs 2 hours by road) alternative to reaching the Cayo District.

For the best Belize experience, we recommend a transfer over-land at least one-way in order to experience first-hand more of Belize, with the opportunity to enjoy various activities along the way (if your flight schedule permits). One activity stop, each way, is included in your packages when transfering to Cayo District by road.

Domestic Flight Schedule for Maya Flats (Cayo District)

Departs: Maya Flats Air-Strip (MYF)
Destination: Belize International Airport (BZE)

  Departure Arrival
  07:00 07:20
  12:45 13:20

Departs: Belize International Airport (BZE)
Destination: Maya Flats Air-Strip (MYF)

  Departure Arrival
  11:50 12:40
  15:05 15:40
  16:40 17:00


Air Carriers Serving Belize

From the U.S.

  • American Airlines -Direct flights from Dallasand Miami.
  • US Air - Direct Flights from Charlotte.
  • Delta Airways - Direct Flights from Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  • Unites - Direct Flights from Houston.
  • Grupo Taca (El Salvador) - Flights from Houston & Miami.

From Central America

Flights to/from Guatemala

  • Flores - Belize City / Tropic Air

Flights to/from Honduras

  • San Pedro Sula - Belize City / Grupo Taca and Tropic Air

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